Archdale Civic Association


The Archdale Civic Association is a neighborhood membership organization dedicated to the maintenance and beautification of our community spaces, and building our sense of community.

Meeting Announcements

Next Meeting: May 16, 7:00pm. NC Fire Station (Dorchester Rd). 

On the Agenda: TBD

Support Your ACA!

You don’t have to be on the ACA Board to contribute to ACA initiatives, and help us grow our community. The Board is always looking for people to help implement great ideas–from community garage sales, to kids craft activities, to block parties! Whatever ideas you have, we can work together to make it happen! Contact the Board with your ideas at

How the ACA Operates

The Archdale Civic Association (ACA) is a non-profit association organized to foster a safe and prosperous community for our residents. In 2022, the Board amended the ACA Bylaws to improve the processes by which it operates. The Bylaws were approved by ACA membership at the November 2022 General Meeting. Learn more about the ACA and how we operate here.

ACA Meeting Materials

The ACA Board is committed to transparency. Meeting materials are available online including meeting agendas and minutes, quarterly financial reports, and annual budgets.

Support Your ACA through Membership & Donation

Be a part of shaping Archdale’s future. Your membership supports the work of the ACA, gives you a vote in ACA business, and contributes to improving our community. And, you’ll make great friends along the way! Membership is just $50 for each calendar year.

The ACA also accepts donations! Whether it be boulevard landscaping and lighting improvements, Archdale Hall amenities, or street sign upgrades, your monetary support can help us reach our goals.

Submit your dues or donations electronically below. Or visit our Connect page for ACA’s mailing address. We appreciate your support!

ACA Initiatives

We're Building a Businesses & Services Page for Archdale!

Have you been looking for a plumber or a dog walker or someone to help with your will? Are you constantly asking Facebook for recommendations from your neighbors? OR, are you a business owner or services provider looking for new clients? Are you interested in serving your community? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then this page will be for YOU!

The webpage will serve several purposes.

  1. Be a resource for Archdale residents searching for services
  2. Be an efficient and cost effective advertising tool for Archdale businesses
  3. Help support ACA initiatives through additional revenues
service, reception, official-1019821.jpg

The ACA Board is offering a DRAFT content outline for what this page will look like, and we would like your input! Please review and submit any comments to

The Street Sign Initiative

ACA Members approved the motion to invest in new street signs for the Archdale community in February 2022. Sign installation was completed in the Spring of 2023. We appreciate the support of our members in making this happen. Learn more about how this initiative came to be below.

Beautification Projects

The ACA has initiated a number of beautification projects for the Archdale community. From Greenspace Cleanups to plans for Archdale Boulevard landscaping, to Archdale Hall improvements, you can learn more on our Beautification page.

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