Archdale Beautification


The Archdale Civic Association is coordinating a number of projects and initiatives to enhance public spaces within Archdale and engage our community members. 

Join us for a cleanup, or take on your own project! Weeding, trimming, and general maintenance of our greenspaces is something any and all can do to contribute to our community.

We hope you will join us in growing something beautiful here in Archdale!

Parkshire Way Improvements

The ACA Board first reported Parkshire Way as a safety issue to Dorchester County in May 2021. The overgrowth reduced the road to 1.5 lane widths, and the stop sign was not visible. Later that Summer, Dorchester County began their clearing in August 2021. Since then, an Archdale resident has further trimmed the vegetation and cleared out 6 55-gallon bags worth of trash.

Before County was notified of overgrowth and safety concerns.
After County clean up. Discoloring on the road shows extent of overgrowth.
Archdale resident provided additional clean up.

Archdale Hall Property Improvements

We are taking the first steps towards making Archdale Hall a more “user friendly” amenity for our neighborhood.  The Archdale Hall ruins themselves and the area immediately surrounding them will not be altered in any way. This is a protected historic landmark.  Learn more about the longterm vision on the Archdale Hall webpage.

"Anytime" Projects

No need to wait on anyone else! Here are some ways you can contribute to our beautification efforts.

Sign Cleaning

Grab a rag and some soapy water and wipe down your neighborhood sign.

Adopt a Median

Snag some neighbors and take on a nearby median. Weeding and pruning can instantly beautify your median.

Grates and Drains

Clearing debris away from these drains regularly reduces flooding issues and keeps our streets clean.

Litter Cleanup

A great activity to do with friends and kids! 

Clean the Curbs

Removing weeds and accumulated soils from median curbs makes a big difference in drainage and overall appearance.

Join our Committee

Volunteer to be part of the Beautification Committee, and help us plan larger projects.

Sign up here!

Beautification Guidelines

The ACA Board will be working with interested volunteers to develop guidelines and a process for community input for any plantings along the Boulevard and on medians.  Please hold off on any plantings until guidance can be provided. 

If you are interested in helping develop guidelines or are interested in contributing to a Boulevard Beautification Master Plan, please sign up to volunteer, or reach out to the Board at

Redtip Tree Removal

The troublesome redtips along Archdale Boulevard were removed because they were interfering with property fences. Trees were mulched to provide temporary weed control until new plantings can be selected, purchased and installed.

July Greenspace Cleanup

July’s Greenspace Cleanup focused on Sawpit Creek at Richfield Drive, and nearby green medians. Volunteers were treated to a backyard barbecue from a grateful neighbor.

June Greenspace Cleanup

June’s Greenspace Cleanup focused on an overgrown median off Knightsbridge. Turnout was so high that groups of volunteers broke off and worked on cleaning up trees on Archdale Boulevard.